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Turnkey Support Solutions

Today’s consumers demand fast, quality support across all major communication channels. MTI bridges the gap between customers and manufacturers and focuses on improving the customer experience.

“Our customers rely on us to provide consistent, reliable support across products and markets, on both national and global scales.”
- Steve Storr, President/CEO, Mendtronix, Inc.

Full-circle, Full-service.


Keep your customers happy with scalable, real-time support services.

In addition to providing 24/7 case generation access and real-time status updates to your customers, we also tailor our case support services instantly, accurately, and at high-volume scales.

□ 24/7 Support
□ Reduce Costs
□ Increase Customer Satisfaction
□ Build Brand Equity

Build Brand Equity

MTI’s trained and certified call center and technical support professionals are ready to tackle customer needs and accurately track cases for optimal support management. Data-driven reporting, 24/7 online tracking and superior call center services mean better results and more satisfied customers. MTI supports customers with the highest standards of customer service and technical knowledge, thus bolstering brand equity and building better relationships with your customers. MTI is dedicated to humanizing the customer experience and offers a full range of communication channels across products and markets.


Case Study: SMART Technologies, Inc.

Collaborations solutions leader and interactive whiteboard system manufacturer streamlines RMAs and bolsters brand equity.


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