InFocus and Mendtronix Case Study

Mendtronix Case Study: InFocus

Audiovisual products company streamlines its nationwide operations by outsourcing repair services.


  • Optimized Efficiency
  • Improved ROI
  • Reduced Costs
  • Minimized Downtime
InFocus Case Study Mendtronix

The Challenge

In 2009, InFocus, a leading audiovisual product company, wanted to put emphasis on new product development and less on directly managing productrelated services. Their challenge was finding a reliable partner that could effectively manage all major pieces of their service operations across products and markets.

The Solution

Mendtronix was selected in 2010 to provide all the services InFocus required, from warranty and out of warranty repair and validation, to website integration and vendor management. Mendtronix designed an end-to-end service strategy that included its strategically placed repair centers and call center operations.

The Result

Mendtronix worked with InFocus to successfully integrate all the frameworks needed for the execution of the entire range of services, and within only a few months MTI achieved the target milestones. As InFocus’ preferred national ASC, Mendtronix proved to continually exceed customer expectations and greatly improved overall aftermarket efficiency.

“It was important that we find a partner that would help minimize overhead and cut aftermarket inefficiencies.”


Mendtronix services include:

  • Repair & Refurbish
  • Call Center Operations
  • Exchange Pool
  • Inventory Management
  • BI & Accounting
  • Website Integration
  • ISP Parts
  • Project Management


About Avizia

Avizia,, is dedicated to improving people’s lives through innovative video products inspired by the unique needs of the healthcare, education, and public sectors. Avizia was founded in April 2013, by former members of the Cisco Collaboration Verticals Products Team, with engineers, industry experts, and sales professionals that are passionate about improving access to healthcare and education through creative application of advanced communications technologies

About Mendtronix

Mendtronix offers a full suite of support services ranging from reverse logistics, distribution and parts management to factory repair and refurbishments. With over 15 years of experience in the AV industry, the company has serviced more projectors than any other company and supports a wide range of electronics and digital signage products such as interactive flat panel displays, LCDs and PCs.