Mendtronix Case Study: Avizia

Medical communications technology start-up streamlines fulfillment logistics processes and gains a long-term 3PL partner.


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Processing
  • Reduced Costs
  • Mitigated Risk
Avizia Case Study Mendtronix

The Challenge

In 2013, Avizia, a new telecommunications start-up, launched its product line of innovative video products. As the company prepared for growth across global markets, it was imperative they first find a fulfillment partner that could not only work directly with manufacturers, provide forecasting, RMA, RTV, and other reverse logistics services but could also provide technical support and repairs.

The Solution

Avizia expected to hire multiple companies to satisfy the wide array of services as their growing start-up needed to scale its operations. Instead, they were pleased to find one experienced company, Mendtronix, as a complete 3PL solution, allowing them to focus on sales, marketing and other strategic areas.

The Result

To date, Avizia is ahead of target on executing its start-up milestones including Mendtronix successfully executing its responsibilities and meeting same day fulfillment commitments. MTI’s contracted services have now gone beyond the original scope helping fill in new found needs typical in a start-up.

“Mendtronix’s unique combination of forward and reverse logistics, technical support, factory repair and refurbishments capabilities enable us to provide our customers a true end-to-end product lifecycle solution.” – Luke Leininger, COO, Avizia

Luke Leininger

COO/CFO & Founder, Avizia

Mendtronix services include:

  • Parts/Inventory Management
  • Product Assembly
  • Testing
  • Fulfillment


About Avizia

Avizia,, is dedicated to improving people’s lives through innovative video products inspired by the unique needs of the healthcare, education, and public sectors. Avizia was founded in April 2013, by former members of the Cisco Collaboration Verticals Products Team, with engineers, industry experts, and sales professionals that are passionate about improving access to healthcare and education through creative application of advanced communications technologies

About Mendtronix

Mendtronix offers a full suite of support services ranging from reverse logistics, distribution and parts management to factory repair and refurbishments. With over 15 years of experience in the AV industry, the company has serviced more projectors than any other company and supports a wide range of electronics and digital signage products such as interactive flat panel displays, LCDs and PCs.