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An Ounce of Prevention | Projector Maintanance

Everyone is familiar with the expression.  But how does it apply to your digital projector?  Every machine needs maintenance.  We either pay a little up front to maintain, or we kick the snowball down the hill and pay a lot later to repair.  This is of course true of...

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Case Study: InFocus

Audiovisual products company streamlines its nationwide operations by outsourcing repair services. Benefits: Optimized Efficiency Improved ROI Reduced Costs Minimized Downtime The Challenge In 2009, InFocus, a leading audiovisual product company, wanted to put...

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Case Study: NCM Media Networks

Leading movie theater advertising company decreases customer downtime and gains bicoastal services partner. Benefits: 24/7 data availability Warranty and OOW repair Board-level repair Asset control segregation The Challenge In 2006, National CineMedia (NCM) Media...

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Case Study: SMART

Collaborations solutions leader and interactive whiteboard system manufacturer streamlines RMAs and bolsters brand equity. Benefits: Decreased Turnaround Gained Support Improved Quality Minimized Costs The Challenge In 2011, SMART Technologies was in need of a much...

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Case Study: Avizia

Medical communications technology start-up streamlines fulfillment logistics processes and gains a long-term 3PL partner. Benefits: Increased Efficiency Improved Processing Reduced Costs Mitigated Risk The Challenge In 2013, Avizia, a new telecommunications start-up,...

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