Electronic Repair and Logistics warehouse workers

Value Added 3PL: Technical & Logistical

Mendtronix was incepted with a mission to break the industry mold for quality repair, refurbishment, and logistics services. Quickly scaling into new products and emerging markets, Mendtronix has strengthened its position as the leading Electronic Repair and Logistics service provider that offers multi-faceted service offerings across an array of vertical markets.  Established in 1998, Mendtronix couples high quality service with a robust, efficient infrastructure to create cost-effective solutions to maximize overall client ROI.  National and international support from Atlanta, Pittsburgh and San Diego (HQ).

Electronic Repair and Logistics

Mendtronix repairs electronics equipment just right and delivers it to the right place at the right time.  Clients avoid costly replacement equipment and creating electronic waste while still providing the highest quality services to their customers, patients and students.  Mendtronix provides depot repair services nationwide for all makes and models of audio visual equipment, medical equipment and more.  Mendtronix’ 3PL team helps clients manage the complexities of forward and reverse logistics, recall management services, warehousing, order fulfillment and document management.  Fix It.  Ship It.  Simply Done.

We have a passion for Repairs and Logistics that drives Our Team to exceed employee and customer expectations through innovation and operational excellence.

Electronic Repair and Logistics | 3PL diagram

Electronic Repair

Board and component level electronics repair skills by expert technicians backed with a 120 day warranty.

Third Party Logistics

Helping you get the right products to the right location at just the right time.

Complete Electronics Lifecycle Management

Combining the power of Repair + Logistics to help you with recall management, light assembly and re-packaging, and repair/testing/distribution of B-stock products.

Customer Support

24/7 online case management access and friendly phone support staff.

Company History

  • 1998: Founded by ex-Proxima executives – Board repairs
  • 2001: Full projector repairs for multi brands
  • 2002: Established lamp replacement business
  • 2003: High volume refurbishments for Toshiba
  • 2006: 3 Chip DLP support for Barco and others
  • 2007: 3rd party repair/logistics via 17,000 movie theatre auditoriums
  • 2008: Open Atlanta facility (11K Sq. Ft., now 25K Sq. Ft)
  • 2009: LCD and PC repair/logistics contracts for cinema industry
  • 2010: Awarded exclusive InFocus & Toshiba service contracts
  • 2011: Awarded SMART Tech/Coretronic US service business + two Hitachi contracts:  72 hour, refurbs + AMC theatre 3,000 auditoriums.
  • 2012: Repair over 30K projectors, 4k computers.  Awarded BenQ/Runco/Planar contracts. Open MTI-PIT facility (15K Sq. Ft.) + change name to Mendtronix Inc.
  • 2013: Became ISO 9001 certified in all three sites, awarded exclusive JVC factory service contract + Avizia (Cisco offshoot) forward logistics contract + King Fisher forward logistics
  • 2014: Awarded Boxlight east coast projector/LCD repairs + Qisda/SMART projector repairs + JLL/Univ. of Phoenix + SMART OOW projectors
  • 2015: Awarded Avizia FDA Class 1 medical cart assembly + opened bi-coastal clean rooms + many more contracts currently in process


Company Qualifications:

  1. Largest independent projector and LCD service depot company in the USA
  2. Advanced whole unit electronics repairs including board component level.  Clean room operations
  3. Fast turnaround, competitive costs, high quality workmanship, 24/7 RMA and reliable partner
  4. Strategic locations:  Atlanta, Pittsburgh and San Diego (HQ), founded in 1998
  5. ISO 9001 certified in all sites, other technical certifications.  Member InfoComm, NSCA, Digital Signage Federation, Reverse Logistics Assoc.
  6. Parts safety stock forecasting, warehousing, transport and parts administration strengths
  7. Extensive SLA experience in service/logistics models including supply chain, call center and website integration
  8. International manufacturers repairs, refurbishment and logistics experience with Asian and European manufacturers
  9. 24hr to 72hr special program turnaround times.  52 hour week customer contact phone center
  10. Outstanding reporting capabilities with 24/7 automated delivery
  11. Strong combination of 3PSP (3rd party service provider) and 3PL (3rd party logistics) including reverse logistics