Supply Chain Infrastructure

Mendtronix’s SCM capabilities help customers optimize their supply chains through planning, warehouse, inventory, and transportation management. With decades of experience as a 3rd party logistics and repair services provider, Mendtronix provides end-to-end solutions for optimized supply chain management. Services range from warehousing, distribution and fulfillments to shipping, parts management and procurement.

“Mendtronix’s unique combination of forward and reverse logistics, technical support, factory repair and refurbishments capabilities enable us to provide our customers a true end-to-end product lifecycle solution.”

Luke Leininger

COO/CFO & Founder, Avizia

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Reduce Costs with Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

Mendtronix’s warehousing solutions reduce costs associated with the storage and management of spare parts, refurbished and finished products, support materials, and other items associated with the reverse logistics supply chain. With a proven track record for efficient warehousing, we mitigate customer risk by maintaining state of the art, secure facilities and a clean, safe environment.

Our full service capabilities couple with fully customizable service packages allow us to provide our customers with scalable and sustainable support tailored to their specific needs.

  • Improve Quality
  • Gain Product Visibility
  • Lower Costs
  • Minimize Downtime

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Supply Chain Done Right

Supply Chain Management Services
Supply Chain Management diagram

“We leverage global logistics, warehousing, and sophisticated inventory management infrastructure to maximize value for our customers.”

Steve Storr

President & CEO, Mendtronix

Success Story: NCM

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Supply Chain Management Case Study: NCM

SCM Overview

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