3PL Third Party Logistics Solution and Technical Services

We combine the power of LOGISTICAL and TECHNICAL services to help companies cost-effectively satisfy their customers.
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Specialized Markets

Digital Signage 3PL Services

Projector & IFP Services

Repair & Logistics leader for over 30 digital projector and interactive flat panel brands.
Medical Device 3PL Services

Caring for Technology

Assembly, software loading, rigorous QC testing and delivery to end user.
Digital Signage 3PL Services

Pick, Pack and Ship

Omni-Channel order fulfillment, systems integration, 24/7 real-time reporting.

Cross Market Services

Forward and Reverse Logistics Solutions


Mendtronix moves products from Point A to Point B with Forward and Reverse Logistics Solutions.
Technical Services

Technical Services

Mendtronix repairs, refurbishes and recalibrates clients’ technology to original specs.
Contract Assembly - Electronics Repair and Logistics

Contract Assembly

Mendtronix helps clients cost-effectively build products with the highest quality standards.
Value Added 3PL Solutions

Value Added 3PL Solutions

Mendtronix is a partner for outsourced business processes & specialty product enhancements.
“Mendtronix’s end-to-end solutions are centric to upholding the highest levels of service.”

InFocus Corp.

“Your team was great working with our team to get our motherboard swapped on our EiKi 7k PJ. We were in a time crunch to get this serviced and returned before a show and you guys made it happen. With parts shipping from over seas to the turn around on the repair, I am very pleased with the services your team has provided.” Josh Treneer

Crescent Event Productions