Mendtronix Case Study: Avizia

Leading U.S. projection manufacturer seeks customer friendly and cost effective solutions to repair its high end goods across the U.S. by outsourcing all warranty and non-warranty needs to reliable third party company Mendtronix Inc.


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Processing
  • Reduced Costs
  • Mitigated Risk
Avizia Case Study Mendtronix

The Challenge

JVC’s high end home theater projector business sought to outsource warranty and non-warranty repairs to a responsible bi-coastal, proven and experienced third party company able to directly support end-users including warranty validation, non-warranty billing and collections and continually feed back valuable repair and engineering data so it could continually improve its products.

The Solution

Mendtronix (MTI) was selected as JVC’s exclusive national solution providing all the key functions sought including website integration benefiting all its end-users by using MTI’s 24/7/365 RMA case generation online and phone app system for prompt case reference number and shipping direction responses.

The Result

A true partnership evolved with each company relying heavily on each other has produced a successful model and high customer satisfaction. Employing MTI’s Atlanta, Pittsburgh and San Diego facilities, MTI skillfully repairs new and legacy models and provides national call center and email support nationwide across 50 hours per week. Strong communication of documentation, parts, updated training and timely data back of symptoms and parts usage give JVC the information needed to continually enhance it product’s performances.

“Our nationwide high end projection equipment services are exclusively entrusted with Mendtronix’s customer focused, bi-coastal facilities”

Neal Rozelle

Vice President, Service Division, JVC

Mendtronix services include:

  • Parts/Inventory Management
  • Electronics Repair
  • Testing
  • Fulfillment


About JVC

JVC video projectors are used in some of the most demanding applications, from flight simulators to medical imaging to the home theaters of Hollywood directors and devoted enthusiasts. And while there is a JVC projector engineered specifically for each application, they are all based on the same JVC technology – D-ILA.

About Mendtronix

MTI is a value-added 3PL with advanced technical services including, complete logistical operations across its 100k sqft, reporting and numerous other solutions serving multiple vertical markets via three strategic locations in Atlanta GA, Pittsburgh PA and San Diego CA.