Highly Effective Customer Services

Mendtronix announces greater focus and resources on delivering highly effective custom services in the areas of: Medical device contract assembly, complex kitting/custom configurations, and full range of supporting third-party logistics (3PL). Non-medical contract assembly, complex kitting/custom configurations, and full range of supporting third-party logistics (3PL). Logistical services (3PL) requiring, complex kitting/custom configurations, labeling, printing and much more. After 22 years…

Mendtronix Inc. and TRIEVR Inc.

Mendtronix Inc. & TRIEVR Inc. announce a joint marketing and operations agreement providing efficient and cost-effective total medical and non-medical device recall management services where TRIEVR’s Recall/Field Action/Field Alert SaaS solution, combined with Mendtronix’s inventory management and technical services providing a strong and complete offering for recalled devices.

Mendtronix Launches Website Focusing on Medical Equipment Services & 3PL

MTI launches mendtronixmedical.com. Learn more about our #medicallogistics services. Going strong during the entire covid-19 pandemic. Mendtronix Inc. (MTI) is ISO 13485:2016  MTI ensures quality throughout the product life-cycle. MTI’s Quality Management System requires process standards that are documented and controlled to ensure consistent application and results. Whether in the form of Quality Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), or Work…

Mendtronix Launches New Website Focusing on 3PL

Visit mendtronixlogistics.com to learn more about our #logistics services. Steadfast, safe, efficient, and strong during these uncertain times.

Reactive When It Matters Most

Mendtronix was and is currently, fully reactive to the covid-19 crisis. We are also proactive by taking extra safety measures, to keep our employees and customers safe. Manufacturing telemedicine carts, e-learning technology through supplying and warehousing interactive touch panels for schools. Warehousing masks, tests, and other medical equipment; we offering all of our resources to help beat this thing. We…

Mendtronix – Creating Solutions Daily!

Mendtronix is a problem solving business. Reach out to one of our experts today and see what we can do for you and your technical and logistical needs.

TEMI Robot Chooses MTI

Temi Robot has selected Mendtronix to provide a comprehensive set of logistical and technical services via their San Diego and Pittsburgh facilities. #temirobot #mendtronix #PIT #MTI #logistics

Surging Medical Device Services

Surging interest in MTI’s spectrum of technical and logistical services for medical devices is helping build this segment’s revenues and customer base

Coretronic & Mendtronix Partnership Anniversary

MTI celebrates 10 years of its US service partnership with Taiwan’s Coretronic Group, supporting major brands such as Christie, Dell, Barco, SMART, Promethean, Nureva, NEC, InFocus, and others.

Mendtronix Medical Device Search Partnership

MTI partners with www.medicalassemblyandlogistics.com to help companies find comprehensive medical device technical and logistical services