Mendtronix, a leading electronics repair and logistics company, has completed a major facility improvement of its San Diego operation and expanded capabilities in Contract Manufacturing.  A new laboratory has been built to handle custom product assembly, software configuration and quality control services for Avizia and other electronics manufacturers.

According to Steve Storr, CEO and President of Mendtronix: “Our contract manufacturing expansion allows Mendtronix to service our clients with the highest degree of quality.  Focused, productive employees in a top notch environment creates a win-win outcome for Mendtronix and our clients.”

This new Contract Manufacturing space adds another module in a flowchart-like process for turn-key logistics services.  Parts are delivered from client’s vendors and logged into inventory in Mendtronix’ warehouse and online system.  As client fulfillment orders are requested, parts are picked from inventory, staged in the Contract Manufacturing facility and prepped for assembly.  There Mendtronix’ technicians build custom orders to suit client’s customer.  Thorough testing of hardware and software are part of Mendtronix’ deep and detailed Standard Operating Procedure to ensure the highest level of quality.  Finished products are then moved from the Contract Manufacturing Facility to the warehouse where they are crated and staged for delivery.  Mendtronix then arranges delivery to end user’s final destination.

These turn-key, value-added functions allow Mendtronix’ clients to focus on what they do best: new product innovation and management of client relationships.  Mendtronix handles the repetitive assembly process with the careful attention of experienced electronics hardware and software technicians versed in electronics manufacturing and repair.  Parts/inventory management, warehousing, order fulfillment and delivery are outsourced to Mendtronix’s team.  Clients have the ability to work with a single vendor to manage the entire process along with 24/7 online view of work-in-progress for all client orders and activity.