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Interactive Flat Panel Repair Service

Interactive flat panel screens will fail. Images get too dim or lose consistent image quality across the large screen. Touch screens stop working. Pixels can be permanently damaged. Computer interfaces short out.  Power supplies will fail, sometimes in an instant. Relax. Your team at Mendtronix can help you get all of your LCD, LED and Plasma interactive flat panel displays running just like new. Mendtronix’ interactive flat panel repair services are backed by leading A/V brands and trusted by thousands of customers worldwide. Just send your unit in for a quick fix to one of our 3 US locations and you’ll be ready to Wow Your Audience.

Repair Process

1. Submit Request

The easiest way to set up a new repair case is to fill out our online request form. Once you submit the form, a confirmation email will be sent that includes your case number, contact, and shipping information.

2. Ship Your Flat Panel

Once you’ve set up your case, you will need to send in your flat panel. The shipping address varies by brand and “from” location, so it is important that you confirm shipping details before sending us your unit.

3. Evaluation

During the evaluation, a technician will perform in-depth testing to determine what work needs to be done and/or what parts need to be ordered, if any, to bring your flat panel back to factory specifications.

4. Estimate Sent

You will receive an estimate after the evaluation. If you decide to approve the repair, then your evaluation is free. And the sooner an approval is received the less down-time you will experience.

5. Repair Completion

Once we receive your approval, our expert team of technicians will get to work on repairing your unit. Parts will be ordered according to the estimate approval. Each medical device undergoes a 41-point inspection upon completion so your product can live out a longer, healthier life.

6. Return Shipment

Upon repair completion, we will carefully pack up your flat panel and ship it back to you. Because we have 3 locations nationwide, your unit gets back to you fast. We are able to provide return ground shipping to most cities in the U.S. in 1-2 days.

The diagnostic services fee is FREE once the estimate is approved. It applies only if the repair estimate is declined. See our terms/conditions for diagnostic rates.