• 120-day warranty
  • Expert diagnostic services
  • Optical system alignment
  • Return shipping will be quoted on your estimate.

The diagnostic services fee is FREE once the estimate is approved. The diagnostic fee applies only if the repair estimate is declined. See our terms/conditions for diagnostic rates.

  • Expert diagnostic services
  • Optical system alignment
  • Return shipping will be quoted on your estimate.

Items not covered under manufacturer warranties will be billed separately, such projector lamps, cables and preventative maintenance. Note: The diagnostic fee will apply if no defect is found. See our terms/conditions for diagnostic rates.

  • Thorough QC inspection and run times
  • In Warranty | Out of Warranty
  • Clean & align optics/LCD panel
  • Clean or replace any air filters
  • Verify color quality

Only $199*

  • Fee covers routine maintenance if any parts are found to be defective. We will contact you for your approval in order to proceed with repair services. Shipping quoted separately.

Interactive Flat Panel Repair Service

Interactive flat panel screens will fail. Images get too dim or lose consistent image quality across the large screen. Touch screens stop working. Pixels can be permanently damaged. Computer interfaces short out.  Power supplies will fail, sometimes in an instant.

Relax. Your team at Mendtronix can help you get all of your LCD, LED and Plasma interactive flat panel displays running just like new.

Mendtronix’ interactive flat panel repair services are backed by leading A/V brands and trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.  Just send your unit in for a quick fix to one of our 3 US locations and you’ll be ready to Wow Your Audience.

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Interactive Flat Panel Brands We Repair

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Repair Process

1. Submit Request

The easiest way to set up a new repair case is to fill out our online request form. Once you submit the form, a confirmation email will be sent that includes your case number, contact, and shipping information.

2. Ship Your Flat Panel

Once you’ve set up your case, you will need to send in your flat panel. The shipping address varies by brand and “from” location, so it is important that you confirm shipping details before sending us your unit.

3. Evaluation

During the evaluation, a technician will perform in-depth testing to determine what work needs to be done and/or what parts need to be ordered, if any, to bring your flat panel back to factory specifications.

4. Estimate Sent

You will receive an estimate after the evaluation. If you decide to approve the repair, then your evaluation is free. And the sooner an approval is received the less down-time you will experience.

5. Repair Completion

Once we receive your approval, our expert team of technicians will get to work on repairing your unit. Parts will be ordered according to the estimate approval. Each medical device undergoes a 41-point inspection upon completion so your product can live out a longer, healthier life.

6. Return Shipment

Upon repair completion, we will carefully pack up your flat panel and ship it back to you. Because we have 3 locations nationwide, your unit gets back to you fast. We are able to provide return ground shipping to most cities in the U.S. in 1-2 days.

Terms and Conditions

Warranty Repair Service

Items not covered under manufacturer warranties will be billed separately, such as accessories, cables and preventative maintenance. Note: The diagnostic fee will apply if no defect is found.

Out of Warranty Repair Service

Out of Warranty repairs come with a 120-day (4 month) warranty. The diagnostic fee is free upon estimate approval. If the estimate is not approved, the customer agrees to pay the diagnostic fee. If you accept the estimate of repair, your pre-paid diagnostic fee and pre-paid shipping will be applied toward your total repair charges, and therefore the diagnostic fee is free and you only pay labor and parts. Diagnostic fee and shipping charges apply on all declined repairs.

Shipping – Custom quote will be computed based on your specific needs.

Your pre-paid ground shipping can be upgraded to a faster via (3-day, 2 day or overnight). We would then bill you for the difference between the pre-paid ground and your new choice. Minimum labor charge is $179 (minor labor on a unit under 10 lbs.) and $199 (units 10-45 lbs). Minimum ground shipping charge is $29 (labor and shipping charges vary depending on size of flat panel and shipping). Preventive Maintenance Service is $199 for units under 40 lbs. Contact customer support for pricing on larger units.

We request that you:

1. Respond to the estimate of repair within 10 business days or that you make the necessary arrangements upfront with your Account Manager if you require additional time.

2. Pick up your repaired unit within 2 weeks of your being notified the item is ready for pick up if will call is selected.

3. If we receive no answer to the estimate of repair within the 10 business days, units will be shipped back (via ground) un-repaired by the 16th business day unless arrangements have been made with an Account Manager.

Notice: Once a unit leaves any one of Mendtronix’s three facilities, we are not responsible for loss or damage of those units and encourage all customers to consider purchasing shipping insurance in advance.

Pursuant to the California Civil Code, Mendtronix, Inc. asserts a lien on any personal property upon which it lawfully renders a service, repair or improvement (including but not limited to diagnostic services). Upon completion of diagnostic services, you will be notified in writing of the amount due for repair or maintenance service. If you or your agent fail to render payment in full within the 10 days allotted to claim your property or there has been no response from you with a course of action within 30 days upon advisement of the notice of service charges, Mendtronix will exercise its right to impose a storage fee of $2.00 per day. If no response with said course of action is received in writing within 90 days, your flat panel will be disposed of by Mendtronix, Inc. and you will be liable for all diagnostic services and storage fees incurred. Mendtronix, Inc. assumes no responsibility for such abandoned property which we may dispose of pursuant to this agreement. Be advised that by obtaining a case number for the repair of your flat panel from Mendtronix, you are hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions of this notice and in agreement that you are without further legal recourse against Mendtronix Inc. for its disposal of abandoned property.

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Ship to:

Mendtronix, Atlanta
115 Smoke Hill Lane
Woodstock, GA 30188

Mendtronix, Pittsburgh
55 Bay Hill Drive, Suite A
Latrobe, PA 15650

Mendtronix, San Diego
13880 Stowe Drive
Poway, CA 92064

Important Shipping Instructions:

Follow these instructions when shipping your unit to Mendtronix.
  1. Clearly mark your case number on the box.
  2. Remove any mounting brackets. Mendtronix, Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage to mounting brackets.
  3. DO NOT send in cables or remote controls. Mendtronix, Inc. is not responsible for any lost cables, remotes or soft cases.
  4. Ensure the packaging material and carton selected is sufficient. Most parcels experience a fair amount of wear. Select a container large enough to accommodate your shipment and the necessary cushioning/packaging material. Choose cushioning that will completely fill the spaces in your shipping box. We recommend using solid foam, bubble wrap or Styrofoam packaging peanuts (2 to 3 inches of packing material around units that weigh under 10 lbs, 4 to 5 inches around larger/heavier units). Solid foam provides the greatest degree of protection for larger valuables. All of the major shipping companies are automated;both machines and people will handle the carton.
  5. If you ship your flat panel to us in a hard case, we will ship it back to you in the case. Do not ship a flatpanel in a case that is unsuitable for protecting your device during transportation.
  6. Please be advised that your medical device, once repaired, will be shipped back in a brand new plain brown box or in a custom hard case if provided. We do this for the safety of your property. Re-using cardboard boxes is an issue as the integrity of the package is compromised after it has been shipped twice.
  7. You have the option to insure your medical device. Please make inquiries with your carrier for rates. You will also have the option to insure your medical device on its way back to you (out of warranty service only). The insurance rates will be provided in the repair estimate sent to you once the unit has been evaluated.
  8. Mendtronix, Inc. is not responsible for mounting brackets, accessories or soft cases sent in with your unit. Per our shipping instructions, those items should NOT be sent in.
  9. Freight claim responsibility and insurance liability responsibility both belong to the customer
  10. Warranty Service Only: In some instances, we may be required by the Manufacturer to provide a proof of purchase to validate your warranty. If you are asked to do so, please do not forget to include your proof of purchase in the shipping box, if you have not already faxed it to us at 858-602-1042. All faxed correspondence need to have your case number marked as a reference. Medical devices received without proof of purchase will be treated as an out of warranty repair and subject to a standard evaluation fee. Please be advised that the customer is responsible for all inbound shipping. Most but not all manufacturers will cover the cost of the return Freight (FedEx Ground).

Your package and medical device will be inspected upon receipt. Any damage will be documented and you will be notified. The packaging and carton will be retained for 3 business days. Should you decide to submit a damage claim to the carrier, Mendtronix, Inc. must be notified within those 3 days or the packaging and carton will be discarded.

Mendtronix, Inc. is not responsible for damage that occurs during transportation.

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