Leading repair, refurbishment, and logistics company passes stringent requirements and achieves ISO 9001 certification.

Mendtronix, Inc., an international repair, refurbishment, and logistics company, has announced its ISO 9001 certification for the quality management systems in place across its Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and San Diego facilities.

ISO 9001 is a process-based certification and is an internationally recognized symbol for quality, commitment, and continual improvement. Companies that achieve this award have proven quality systems that link business objectives with operational efficiency. Additionally, ISO-certified organizations have demonstrated a clear quality policy, effective process documentation, exceptional commitment to customers, and actionable measurement, control, and analysis.

By actively pursuing opportunities for growth and excellence within the commercial electronics and logistics industries, Mendtronix honors its commitment to provide evidence to customers, suppliers, employees, and their community of their dedication to delivering quality services and high customer satisfaction.

About Mendtronix:
Mendtronix, Inc. (MTI) is an international repair, refurbishment and logistics company serving North American commercial electronics industries with strategic locations in Atlanta, Pittsburgh and San Diego. Mendtronix offers a full suite of support services ranging from reverse logistics, distribution and parts management to factory repair and refurbishments for over 30 brands. Mendtronix’s customers include Fortune 500 corporations, national manufacturers, global contract manufacturers, resellers, logistics professionals, and large end-users. The company’s sustainable services reduce operating costs, minimize waste, and optimize the longevity of the electronic product lifecycle. For more information, please visit mendtronix.com.