Mendtronix Inc. (MTI) announces that production facilities expanded to 121,000 sq ft.  In 2017 all three MTI sites experienced growth to meet the needs of MTI’s customers.  The expanded space allows MTI to provide a broader array of Value Added 3PL capabilities including forward/reverse logistics, technical services, contract assembly, technical/customer support services and much more.

MTI’s three sites are strategically located on both coasts to meet the needs of end users with inexpensive, fast delivery including two day ground service to nearly the entire USA.

MTI Facilities Data:

  • Atlanta 40,000 sq ft
  • Pittsburth 30,000 sq ft
  • San Diego 51,000 sq ft

In April 2018 MTI plans to expand Atlanta by 5,000 sq ft and Pittsburgh by 7,500 sq ft.  This will bring the grand total to approximately 134K sq ft.