Value Added 3PL Third Party Logistics Services Provider

Specialized product enhancement and outsourced business functions.
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Core Services: Value Added 3PL Third Party Logistics Services Provider

Mendtronix offers specialized services to help clients reduce costs and meet the unique needs of their operation.  Partnerships with clients often leads to creative “Can you do this?” discussions.  Mendtronix manages these variable costs so clients can avoid staffing and other fixed costs.


  • Scheduled deliveries, format flexibility
  • 24/7/365 access options with dashboards
  • Computer integration – API, EDI, other
  • Serial number and lot number tracking

Parts Management

  • Forecasting
  • Ordering, tracking, receiving, reporting

Call Center Services

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support, levels 1-3

Accounting Services

  • Clerical – billing, AR, AP, Payroll
  • Professional – overall financial ledger management, sales taxes

Printing Services

  • Graphic design
  • Offset and digital printing
  • Finishing and bindery services

Custom Requests

  • Hand written notes
  • Gift wrapping

Industry Specialization

Mendtronix Logistics Services


Mendtronix Assembly Services


Mendtronix Technical Services


Mendtronix Audio Visual Value Added 3PL Services - projector lamps

Value Added Services

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