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OEM Projector Lamps

OEM projector lamps are the highest quality projector lamps and come directly from the projector manufacturer.  We guarantee that all OEM projector lamps come with the original lamp assembly and housing. You can always expect to get a bright, quality image and a product that lasts the test of time.

  • 90-day warranty
  • All top brands and models
  • Fast shipping
  • Price match
  • High-quality guarantee
Cobalt Replacement Projector Lamps

Cobalt Projector Lamps

Cobalt is the Mendtronix brand name for high quality replacement projector lamps that are up to 65% less expensive than OEM projector lamps.  We guarantee that all Cobalt Projector Lamps are made with 100% OEM bulbs and reflectors/burners from manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, and Ushio.  You can always expect to get a bright, quality image and a product that lasts the test of time.

  • 200-day warranty
  • All top brands and models
  • Free ground shipping (in continental 48 states)
  • Original bulbs
  • Price match of same quality
  • High-quality guarantee

Beware of Generic Lamps

Mendtronix does NOT recommend or sell low quality generic projector lamps.

Generic projector lamps are built using the substandard components and build techniques that result in a dimmer and shorter life for the lamp.  These low quality lamps can damage the projector itself causing safety concerns and voiding your projector’s warranty.   The pricing on these lamps can be very attractive, but you will get what you pay for.  Buyer beware.


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